Manli new series Polar Fox released

9 May 2024 – Manli Technology Group Limited is proud to announce the new "Polar Fox" series!

The snow white cover, chic design, symbolizing high-quality personal taste, makes your computer more stylish. 

Manli Design

The Manli GeForce RTX™ 4080 Super equipped with 3 x 9cm patented fans, built with 6 copper composite heat pipes and segmented heat sink design, ensuring effective heat dissipation even during intensive computing & heavy loading. 

It continues the design from previous powerful models, retaining the two spirit levels feature.  It’s not only enhances the technology appearance but also makes user installation easier.  Additionally, it is equipped with RGB LED lights that cycle through seven colors, which can be switched on or off according to your preference. 

The Manli 4070 Ti Super & 4070 Super with powerful triple cooling design, equipped with 3 x 9cm patented fans, built with 4 copper composite heat pipes and segmented heat sink. 

Featuring the snow white cooler, coupled with an acrylic cover, makes the appearance more elegant. 

Besides the high performance and elegant design of the cooler, Manli also bases its design on space-saving concept to adopt 2 slot design, compared to the previous 4070 Ti Super (M3589+N693), the thickness has been reduced by 21.2%, helping gamers to save more space of their casing, but still with excellent heat dissipation. 

The Manli 4070 Super feature a twin cooling design, with 2 x 9cm patented fans and 4 copper composite heat pipes in a segmented heat sink.  It also features a white cooler with an acrylic cover, combining a slim and stylish appearance.  

In addition to its high performance and sleek design, Manli has prioritized space-saving by adopting a 2-slot design.  Compared to the previous 4070 Super (M2592+N693), the thickness has been reduced by 25%, helping gamers to save more space of their casing, while maintaining excellent heat dissipation.  

This model also used on 4070 (M2609+N693/M2609+N713) & 4060 Ti (M2610+N748) provides alternative solutions for users with different needs. 

The Polar Fox series supports idle fan stop mode, elegantly fashionable in snowy white, it's irresistible for gamers and creators! Get equipped for stellar gaming and creating with Manli Polar Fox series. 

About Manli Technology Group Limited

Established in 1996, Manli Technology Group Ltd.  has been a major manufacturer and supplier of Computer Graphics Cards, Mining Systems, Mining Cards, and other peripherals/components.  Manli has been able to fulfill various needs in the continuously changing IT industry.  With an innovative R&D team and strict quality control standards, Manli's products always mean performance, reliability, and conformance.  Our goal is to provide high-performance products at competitive prices. 

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Download Manli Polar Fox Series Press Release

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